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Yvette served as Chief Executive Officer for the NWT Association of Communities, an organization representing the interests of municipal governments, for more than 27 years. Yvette is currently the longest serving CEO among all municipal Associations across Canada.With her strong management and leadership background, Yvette has continuously given direction and guidance to associations and municipalities for almost 3 decades. Her passion and dedication to a number of organizations and communities is well known among colleagues across Canada, and at all government levels. Yvette played a key role as a Mentor to both municipalities and Territorial Governments during the creation of Canada’s newest Territory ‘ Nunavut’. As well, she was the lead in creating the first Insurance Reciprocal Program in both the NWT and Nunavut.

Yvette has Chaired, Co-Chaired and participated in numerous provincial,territorial and national committees such as:
* Attorney in Fact for the NWT Insurance Advisory Board
* Co- Chair Political and Administrators new Deal Working Group
* Co-Chair Planning Act Review Committee
* Co-Chair NWT Municipal Act Review Committee
* Co-Chair NWT Finance Review Committee
* Co-Chair Public Service Capacity Committee
* Co-Chair Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Technical Committee
* Loca Government Administrator of the NWT Board of Directors
* Member of the National Municipal Rural Infrastructure Committee
* Member of the Oversight Committee for the Federal/Territorial Gas Tax Agreement
* Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Presidents and Executive Directors Committee
* FCM Municipal/Aboriginal Committee
* FCM Infrastructure Committee
* Many more……
Yvette has received a number of professional and community awards in the past three decades, most recently the following:

* 2008 Premier’s Collaboration Award for leadership in the Capital Planning Task Team
* 2010 Premier’s Collaboration Award for leadership in the Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Task Team
* 2012 NWT Association of Communities (NWTAC) Presidents award of Excellence
* 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to community governments and Canada
* 2013 NWTAC Roll of Honour for dedicated service to Northern community governments
* 2013 Federation of Canadian Municipalities Roll of Honour in recognition of exceptional contribution to the work of the FCM and municipal governments across Canada.

Alongside Yvette’s passion for organizational and government development, she also pursued her economic development interests as co-owner of a Restaurant, Catering company, Tourism/Outfitting company and an Art Gallery.